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Pakistan: Lives Washed Away

The floods that ravaged Pakistan this past summer continue to affect over fourteen million people. In Sindh Province, part of Pakistan’s devastated southwest, nearly one million homes have been damaged or destroyed. Displaced families have settled in tents and makeshift shelters on any dry land they can find. Here, the need for humanitarian aid in the form of food, water, medical care, and shelter is tremendous and will not end soon. Aid organizations are working around the clock to provide assistance but face immense challenges from lack of funding to difficulties in getting access to people in need. Meanwhile, there are also concerns over whether people should or can return to flood-damaged areas, a potential food crisis, and increasing political instability. Displaced people in the area talked with Refugees International about their urgent need for relief.
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People stranded on a dry piece of land in Sindh Province await a World Food Program Food drop accompanied by Refugees International.