RI's Web Roundup

By Larissa Dalton

The Horn of Africa – Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Uganda – is experiencing the worst drought in 60 years, leaving millions of people to face starvation and overflowing refugee camps. This graphic from the Guardian shows the worst areas in terms of food security and rainfall data, and here is a new video from the BBC about Somali refugees fleeing to Kenya. Have questions about the crisis? Send them to the Guardian for an online chat from the Dadaab refugee camp tomorrow, July 12.

The world’s newest country of South Sudan faces significant economic challenges, and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has drawn up “a $50 million Interim Assistance Plan for the agricultural sector.” The FAO recently completed a land cover survey that revealed only 4.5 percent of available land is currently being cultivated. “[The nation] has huge potential for sustainable growth through agriculture,” says George Okech of FAO South Sudan.

After their own political uprising, Tunisians are opening their doors to refugees fleeing the violence in Libya. Up to 60,000 refugees have crossed the Libyan border, and 800 make the journey every day. Ibrahim Issa told Euronews that he sent his family to Tunisia in order to be safe: “In Libya, I couldn’t be sure that nothing would happen to them...”

The UN Refugee Agency is increasing aid to internally displaced people in Pakistan as anti-insurgent operations increase. “Local authorities say the conflict could cause 12,000 families – some 84,000 people – to flee their homes,” according to the UNHCR. In an upcoming mission to Pakistan, Refugees International will look at the situation one year after devastating floods hit the nation.

Maps! Check out this map for more information on climate concerns around the world, and explore the Guardian’s interactive map of refugee statistics.