February 23, 2010 | Joel Charny | Tagged as: South Sudan, Sudan
The failure to provide adequate assistance to refugees and internally displaced people as they return to their war-torn villages is one of the primary reasons why south Sudan remains one of the poorest and most vulnerable places on the planet.
February 19, 2010 | Camilla Olson | Tagged as: DR Congo, United Nations, Humanitarian Response
Rising ethnic tensions in North Kivu could jeopardize the success of the newly signed Triparite Agreement that sets the stage for 50,000 Congolese refugees to return home.
February 18, 2010 | Eileen Shields-West | Tagged as: South Sudan, Sudan
Refugees International launched its “Year of Sudan” at historic Walpole House last Tuesday, February 9 with Africa Editor for the Economist, Richard Cockett and acclaimed Sudanese-born anchor of BBC’s World News Today, Zeinab Badawi.
February 16, 2010 | Joel Charny | Tagged as: Climate Displacement, Senegal
When standing on the shore line at Rufisque L’est, one of the oldestneighborhoods in Dakar, Senegal, it’s hard not to buy into apocalypticclimate change scenarios.
February 11, 2010 | Vanessa Parra
We're trying something a little new and wanted to share with you some thoughts on our issues from people other than ourselves.