February 05, 2010 | Michelle Brown | Tagged as: Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, United Nations, Protection & Security
In January, there were two discussions in the United Nations Security Council that are important to Refugees International’s work.
February 03, 2010 | Elizabeth Campbell | Tagged as: Congress, Haiti, U.S. Administration
There is no doubt that thousands of Haitians are suffering from an enormous disaster that warrants a strong international humanitarian response.
February 01, 2010 | Erin Weir | Tagged as: South Sudan, Sudan, United Nations
Refugees International welcomes the public recognition that we need a sharper focus on protecting civilians from harm during this volatile year. But like everything in Sudan, protection is easier said than done.

January 29, 2010 | Joel Charny
President Barack Obama delivered his State of the Union address on Wednesday night at a time of disappointment and concern for the American people, largely centered on the slow pace of economic recovery and partisan gridlock in Congress.