November 23, 2009 | Michelle Brown | Tagged as: United Nations
This past September, The UN General Assembly approved the creation of a new and unified gender entity after three years of intense discussions.
November 20, 2009 | Elizabeth Campbell | Tagged as: Congress, Iraq, U.S. Administration, Humanitarian Response
Iraq’s vice-president has vetoed part of the country’s new election law, placing the planned elections for January in jeopardy because he objected to the lack of parliamentary representation of refugees. 
November 18, 2009 | Andrea Lari | Tagged as: Colombia, Humanitarian Response

For almost 5 years, I have been following the challenges facing millions of forcibly displaced Colombians.


November 16, 2009 | Joel Charny | Tagged as: Climate Displacement
As fears of the global impact of climate change grow, I’m seeing more and more references in the media to “climate refugees”
November 12, 2009 | Jennifer Smith | Tagged as: DR Congo, Humanitarian Response, Protection & Security
Public statements made by the United Nations peacekeeping mission in the DR Congo, MONUC, have been the subject of much controversy in recent months.