June 15, 2009 | Melanie Teff | Tagged as: Iraq, Syria, Neglected Crises, Statelessness
I watched President Obama’s Cairo speech about US relations with the Muslim world while in the “no man’s land” between the Syrian and Iraqi border-posts.
June 12, 2009 | Ron Capps | Tagged as: Protection & Security
A few weeks ago, I visited the headquarters of U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) in Stuttgart, Germany as part of a research project on the imbalance between America's military and civilian expeditionary capabilities.
June 10, 2009 | Patrick Duplat | Tagged as: Pakistan, Humanitarian Response, Neglected Crises, Protection & Security

‘Déjà vu.’ The headline in Pakistan’s English daily The News this morning summed up the country’s reaction to the latest terrorist attack.

June 08, 2009 | Kenneth Bacon | Tagged as: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, South Sudan, Sudan, U.S. Administration
President Obama’s speech to the Muslim World in Cairo was a complete home run.
June 05, 2009 | Camilla Olson | Tagged as: Chad, Humanitarian Response, Protection & Security
Two years ago I tried to visit Darfur to conduct an assessment mission with Refugees International, but was blocked from traveling there by the government of Sudan.