November 18, 2014 | Dara McLeod | Tagged as: Philippines, United Nations, Humanitarian Response, Neglected Crises
This month, the Philippines is marking the one-year anniversary of Typhoon Haiyan – one of the strongest typhoons ever to make landfall. The international response to the typhoon was immediate and robust – essential given the reality that over four million people were displaced by the storm. But this week, I am in the Philippines to mark the one-year anniversary of another humanitarian crisis – one that is coming without fanfare. 
November 17, 2014 | Alice Thomas | Tagged as: Climate Displacement, Philippines, Humanitarian Response, Asia, Women & Children
In both the typhoon-hit center and the conflict-affected south, families are struggling to recover.
November 13, 2014 | Guest | Tagged as: Africa, DR Congo, Humanitarian Response, Protection & Security
Their predicament offers little hope of escape from the grinding poverty of the slums, the fulfilment of their dreams, or indeed that of their children.
November 06, 2014 | Guest | Tagged as: Iraq, Syria, Humanitarian Response, Middle East, Protection & Security
Amid continuing violence and the rise of the Islamic State group, humanitarians face increasing difficulties in reaching vulnerable Syrians. Humanitarian corridors might seem to be a solution to the problem. But are they?
October 30, 2014 | Jeff Crisp | Tagged as: United Nations, Humanitarian Response

In a recent speech to his governing board, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres made an intriguing but little-noticed proposal - that the humanitarian response to major emergencies should in future be partly funded by assessed rather than voluntary contributions. But what exactly did he mean by that?