June 01, 2009 | Sean Garcia | Tagged as: Colombia, Humanitarian Response
We are often quick to chastise a country when it fails to meet its obligations under international law, but how often do we applaud and support them when they do take these laws seriously?
May 28, 2009 | Patrick Duplat | Tagged as: Congress, Pakistan, U.S. Administration, Humanitarian Response
There is a sense in Washington that the magnitude of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Pakistan hasn’t been fully grasped yet.
May 26, 2009 | Erin Weir | Tagged as: Chad, Sudan, Humanitarian Response
I am writing from Bahai, a village in eastern Chad right on the border with Darfur. Camilla Olson and I have trekked all the way out here, to what may be the most remote place I have ever visited, to understand the dynamics that make humanitarian assistance so hard to deliver. 
May 22, 2009 | Joel Charny | Tagged as: Sri Lanka, Neglected Crises
They did it.  In 2006 the brothers Rajapaksa set out to fulfill their campaign pledge and defeat the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam on the battlefield.
May 20, 2009 | Jim Kimsey | Tagged as: Anniversary Blogger Series
As I look back over my experiences with Refugees International, it seems to me that Refugees International is more relevant today than ever.