July 11, 2014 | Mark Yarnell | Tagged as: Africa, Kenya, Somalia, United Nations, Humanitarian Response, Protection & Security
Four months ago, the Kenyan government launched a major crackdown against Somali refugees living in urban areas that involved mass arrests, extortion, and even deportations back to Somalia. This week, my colleague, Alice Thomas, and I are traveling to Kenya to assess the deteriorating situation for those refugees.
June 24, 2014 | Jeff Crisp | Tagged as: Africa, Central African Republic, Iraq, South Sudan, Syria, Americas, Humanitarian Response, Asia, Middle East
Top-line statistics play a valuable part in drawing international attention to the plight of the world’s refugees, but they should not be taken at face value.
June 13, 2014 | Marcy Hersh | Tagged as: Women & Children
if we’re going to raise awareness about this difficult problem, we should acknowledge its complexity and – most importantly – use that awareness to propel real solutions.
June 10, 2014 | Sarnata Reynolds | Tagged as: U.S. Administration, United Nations, Humanitarian Response, Neglected Crises, Protection & Security
When my colleague, Garrett Bradford, and I met Pablo and Ana in Mexico City they had been displaced from their home, lost their fifteen-year-old son and son-in-law to an ambush by organized crime, and were still searching for their seventeen-year-old son, Juan, who had been kidnapped two months before. They are two of hundreds of thousands of Mexicans who have been displaced by organized crime and other armed actors in the last few years.
June 04, 2014 | Guest | Tagged as: Africa, DR Congo, United Nations, Humanitarian Response, Protection & Security, Women & Children
As fighting continues in South Sudan, the humanitarian situation is growing increasingly dire. Roughly 75,000 South Sudanese have sought refuge on United Nations bases inside the country, referred to as “Protection of Civilians” sites. While protecting civilians in times of conflict is paramount for any peacekeeping mission, it is important to examine the tools being used to make sure they are effective.