Stealing From Those Who Have Nothing: The ‘Gatekeepers’ of Mogadishu

By Mark Yarnell

Mogadishu is being revitalized. During the five days I spent in the Somali capital last week, I saw first-hand the city’s development and increasing vibrancy. New businesses are popping up around every corner, local markets are buzzing with commercial activity, and there are traffic jams on the streets again.

From Refugee to IDP in Somaliland

By Mark Yarnell

This post originally appeared at UN Dispatch.

“What we need most is to have our own land.”

U.S. Aid Runs Through Displacement Camp ‘Gatekeepers’ in Mogadishu

By Dara McLeod

This post originally appeared at ThinkProgress Security.

Yesterday, I met with a man in Mogadishu whose business was the target of a suicide attack. Ahmed is a British-Somali who returned to the country in 2008 and went on to open up several popular restaurants. Last Thursday, two suicide bombers walked into one of those restaurants and killed 15 of Ahmed’s patrons and staff.

In Speech to a Challenged UN, Three Tasks for Obama

By Michelle Brown

As the 67th General Assembly opens this week, and as the United Nations gears up for the countless high-level meetings and side events that follow, the enormity of the challenges facing the UN is striking.

Displaced Somalis Lack Resources to Make Better Life

By Dara McLeod

This post first appeared on The Hill's Congress Blog.

The first thing you notice are the colors. The vibrant reds, blues, and greens of the multi-colored domes that dot an otherwise dry and dusty landscape. From a distance, it could almost be described as beautiful. But as we drive closer, the domes transform into the crude and woefully inadequate shelters of thousands of displaced Somalis.

Into the Field: Somalia's Long-Suffering IDPs

By Mark Yarnell

This week, Refugees International is embarking on a field mission to Somalia, where we will assess the conditions of – and gaps in response for – the more than 1.3 million Somalis who are internally displaced. Our team plans to visit IDP settlements in the capital, Mogadishu, as well as in the breakaway regions of Puntland and Somaliland.

RI to Congress: Political Pressure Can Help Somalis

By Michael Boyce

Mark Yarnell, RI's advocate for the Horn of Africa, appeared on Capitol Hill following his recent mission to Kenya and Ethiopia. He told members of Congress that political leverage (not just aid money) is needed to ensure Somali refugees get the help they need.

As Mark told members of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission of the U.S. House of Representatives, "where we do have control, and where we do have access, it is our responsibility to ensure that the needs of the most vulnerable are being met."

Somalia: Forced Return Unacceptable, Voluntary Return Unrealistic

By Mark Yarnell

At last week's London Conference on Somalia, Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki called for a “firm and durable” solution to the refugee crisis. This includes the return of Somali refugees from the camps in Kenya’s northeast back over the border into Somalia.

Humanitarian Aid and Security In Somalia: Separate, But Still Unequal?

By Melanie Teff

This post originally appeared at African Arguments, the blog of the Royal African Society.

Attacks Bring New Risks for Kenya's Urban Somalis

By Melanie Teff

Tens of thousands of Somali refugees live in Kenya’s cities, but they are often forgotten amid the region’s myriad refugee problems. So on our recent visit to Kenya, we asked how these people have been affected by the (presumed) Al Shabab attacks on Kenyan refugee camps further afield.

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